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Aim of the game

Endless Runner - See how far the Burger Beat can power the chap down the road.


1) use the left & right arrow keys alternately to build up speed. Left right left right left right etc.....

2) Press the space bar to jump over the boxes

3) Whilst in mid jump you will be presented with arrow keys to press (left and right) press them in the correct order before the guy lands otherwise he will fall!

Created for Ludum dare 30 #48 Compo.

Theme: Connected Worlds - The connected worlds link between a person and the world inside them.

In this game the chap eats some food and this is what is powering him a long. 

The burger is beating the drums to keep the chap moving a long.

This idea was awesome at first but not sure its turned out anything more than a really awkward endless runner. :) hey ho

First attempt at a Ludum - has been an awesome experience and I will take a lot away from it. Certainly will plan it better next time!